Using Respectful Interactions to Guide Behaviours: On-Demand Webcast

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Educators who utilize and respond to children through secure, respectful and reciprocal interactions support their developing sense of wellbeing. When children develop confidence and feel respected and valued, they develop the skills to interact positively in their current and future relationships. This workshop unpacks the messages behind everyday statements educators bring with them from their own childhood, positive and negative, and suggests alternative responses. Guidance to support more challenging responses from children is also discussed with a focus on positive interactions.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore examples of children’s behaviours, and what they are telling us.
  • Reframe interactions for positive interactions.
  • Identify positive interaction strategies.
  • Reflect on current practice and explore links to the NQS and EYLF.

Certificate of Completion awarded on completion of the course


Links to NQS: QA5

EYLF: L/O 3 & 5. 


Also attached to provide is: 

  • A compressed copy of the slides
  • A resource from ACECQA about ‘Inappropriate Discipline’