Happiness in the Work Place | as featured at the ECLD 2023 conference

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Robbie Figg is the General Manager at Happiness Co and is a facilitator with one the most interesting CV’s in the country. Having worked in team building and culture for over 7 years, his three E’s approach of engagement, environment and education has seen Happiness Co work with the largest organisations in Australia and the world. Making mental health enjoyable is no easy task, but it is Robbie’s objective every time he steps in front of a group. His 2019 concept, the Employee Happiness Program, is the recipient of the Wellness Initiative of the Year for 2 years running and he is passionate about ensuring individuals leave our workshop interactions feeling empowered and enthusiastic about their workplace happiness.

“Personal Performance and Stress Optimisation” focuses on optimising your employee performance and gaining insights into positive overall wellbeing. Increase focus, attention, confidence, energy level, and productivity. You and your team will learn the tools and techniques to get the best performance in various situations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The Simplified Spectrum
  • Choices over time
  • Workplace traits
  • Looking inward: Personal Performance, Peak Performance
  • Belonging Framework

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