EYLF V2.0 – A discussion : On-Demand Webcast

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With the release of the new EYLF V2.0 the conversation has started about how we get our heads around the changes and begin the transition of applying these changes into practice.  ACECQA advises that “Approved providers and their services are now encouraged to begin familiarising themselves with the updated learning frameworks and adjusting relevant aspects of their educational program and practice where needed to reflect new or amended aspects of the frameworks.”  This webcast acknowledges that you already know a lot about the EYLF and investigates ways the new EYLF V2.0 builds upon what we already know and clarifies understandings.

When recognising that it has been 14 years since the last EYLF came into existence, we begin to realise how many changes have occurred in the world since then meaning it is abundantly clear that an update was necessary.  Many of these changes in our world are reflected in the updated learning framework.

ACECQA states that the use of the original national framework is accepted until early 2024 to enable approved providers and their services time to transition to the updated learning framework.  This discussion will highlight the changes that have been made, why they have been made, and suggest starting points for beginning the transition process that are relaxed and offer opportunities for growth and reflection.

All outcomes of the EYLF are covered.  The most specific link to the NQS is to QA 1 – Educational program and practice.