Supervision Essentials in OSHC: On-Demand Webcast

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What is supervision for OSHC like? OSHC Supervision is critical with a wide range of children, vacation care and transient staff so it is everyone’s responsibility and should reflect educators who are focused and who are consciously in the moment.

Join us we unpack the necessary skills and behaviours required to make sure all children are safe. We will discuss how a shared understanding between not only educators but also children play a role. We will revisit the NQS requirements for adequate supervision, contrasting this with regulations for a clearer picture of what is best practice.

Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • The critical elements of OSHC supervision.
  • Defined ‘intentional supervision’. 
  • An understanding of OSHC related regulatory and NQS requirements.
  • Reflection on current supervision in your setting.
  • Identified areas for improvement in relation to the QIP.

Links to NQS: QA2, QA3, QA4, QA5 and QA6

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