Empowering Children in an ever Changing World & How to have Tricky Conversations with Parents | as featured at the ECLD 2023 conference

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Sarah Rheinberger & Lucy Murrell

Sarah Rheinberger – Sarah Rheinberger Consultancy

“There’s something going on here” – How early childhood educators can have tricky conversations with caregivers with confidence and kindness

Early childhood education and care professionals are at the forefront of knowing children in their care. But the conversation raising concerns with caregivers can be tricky, scary and uncomfortable. This presentation will workshop effective ways to confidently communicate concerns about a child’s development to a caregiver in a supportive, kind and clear way.

Lucy Murrell – C & K Salisbury Community Kindergarten

Active Global Citizens: Empowering children in an ever changing world

This presentation will discuss Active Global Citizen approach in early childhood and share an example of a project carried out at C&K Salisbury Community Kindergarten. The children found their voice and believed in the importance of sharing their thinking to help the planet.

Learning Outcomes:

Empowering Children in an ever Changing World
  • Theory of active global citizens approach
  • Draw out active citizens approach in EYLF
  • Empower you to take an active global citizens approach into your practice
  • Where to begin
How to have Tricky Conversations with Parents
  • Raising concerns with caregivers
  • Elements for conversations
  • Mindset
  • Data
  • Communication

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