Art & Mark Making with children : On-Demand Webcast

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As adults and educators, our memories of taking part in visual arts experiences may raise a mixture of emotions.  Many of us have never taken part in any visual arts after completing primary school and have a feeling of inadequacy about our ability in this area.  Naturally this will influence the types of experiences we provide for children and our focus on the finished product.

This webcast outlines the importance of understanding where children are in their learning journey, but providing knowledge of art stages (0-12years), and how that will influence their experiences with art.  It also unpacks the educators role in engaging with the children during these experiences, and encourages educators to learn and create alongside children.  The benefits are discussed and a challenge to explore your own understanding of art provided.

Learning Outcomes & NQS links:

  • Art is defined and discussed.
  • Art developmental stages are outlined and described.
  • Process vs product and their documentation are explored.
  • The educator’s role in art experiences is described – including discussion of provocations
  • Advocacy for art’s role in children’s holistic development is provided.

NQS:  QA1, 3, & 5.

EYLF: Practices:  Assessment and evaluation for learning, development and wellbeing.

L/O: 4 – Children are confident and involved learners