What is Pedagogy Anyway? – On-Demand Webcast

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In the EYLF V2.0 the term pedagogy refers to the ‘art, science or craft of educating’ (p.12).  In this webcast we look at pedagogy through these different lenses and discuss how they look.  How we understand pedagogy influences the decisions we make about the curriculum we design and implement as early childhood educators.  Drawing from a range of theories, world views, and knowledge informs our approaches and practices especially through the use of relational and place-based pedagogies.  We will unpack a selection of theories and approaches, describe pedagogical frameworks, and explore relational and place-based pedagogies as described in the EYLF V2.0.

  • Investigate pedagogy detailed in the EYLF V2.0 and NQS.
  • Highlight some pedagogical approaches, principles and practices.
  • Explain a pedagogical framework to help structure pedagogical planning.
  • Discuss pedagogy and the Educational Leader.
  • Reflect on practice and reframing pedagogy.

NQS – Quality area 1 – Educational program and practice

Standard 1.2 – Practice – Educators facilitate and extend each child’s learning and development.