Transitioning to EYLF V2.0

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With the release of the EYLF V2.0, the conversations about how we translate the changes into practice have begun in earnest.  ACECQA advises that “Approved providers and their services are now encouraged to begin familiarising themselves with the updated learning frameworks and adjusting relevant aspects of their educational program and practice where needed to reflect new or amended aspects of the frameworks.”

This workshop builds upon educators’ current knowledge of the EYLF to support a deeper understanding of the changes and how they came about.  The changes that have been made to the EYLF will be highlighted while developing a deeper understanding through discussion that relates to changes in our world since the creation of the first framework 14 years ago.   Opportunities for growth and reflection will be provided with considerations for beginning or continuing the transition process being identified collaboratively.

  • Explain all elements of the EYLF V2.0
  • Understand the links between the principles, practices and outcomes and your planning.
  • Recognize what all these elements look like in action.
  • Reflect on your current practice in relation to your new knowledge and establish action plans for making change.

All outcomes of the EYLF are covered.

NQS Link:  QA 1 – Educational program and practice.