Theories to Enhance Reflective Practice

$ 550.00 Ex GST

Theories to Enhance Reflective Practice (2 hours) – Certificate issued on completion

The EYLF suggests that different theories inform children’s learning and development. Quite often we see the reference to theorists without the application to practice or understanding of how we can use them to bring clarity to the analysis of learning for a solid curriculum plan.

Join us for a workshop that not only takes a look into the critical (Habermas, Freire) and post-structural theorists (Foucault, Bourdieu, Canella). Learn how they can be used to inform and improve the learning and development of children.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why we use theories
  • Critical theorists
  • Post-structuralist theorists
  • Practical Implications for practice

Links to NQS: QA1