Supporting Escalation and De-Escalation– Webcast

$ 22.00 Ex GST

In this interview-style webcast, Sasha Beirne from Child Australia and Kelly Oldfield from Child Development and Behaviour Specialists sit together and discuss the Escalation and De-Escalation process for children in Early Learning & OSHC services.  

This webcast gives participants the opportunity to truly understand the background and science behind a child’s behaviour. The escalation process occurs when there are unresolved internal or external conflicts for a child. Behaviours during escalation can be challenging, disruptive and risky. These behaviours can cause considerable disruption and risk to people within the environment and damage to property.  

However, adults can manage many controllable factors to decrease the probability of escalation and severity of risk. By understanding each stage of the escalation and de-escalation process and implementing effective strategies it can improve outcomes for everyone involved. 


A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of this webcast and associated quiz.  

Learning Outcomes and Links to NQS 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Creating context in understanding the escalation and de-escalation process 
  • Controllable influences and children’s behaviour  
  • Understanding the Escalation stages  
  • Preventative Escalation Strategies  
  • Effective De-escalation Strategies  


Links to NQS: QA1, QA5 and QA6; EYLF L/O 1, 3, 5