Introduction to Critical Reflection: On-Demand Webcast

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Looking to better understand critical reflection and how it can be used to improve practice?  

In this webcast, we talk about all the opportunities for reflection throughout the day in an early childhood education and care setting.  It assists educators in understanding the difference between reflective practice and critical reflection.   Some useful reflective model frameworks are introduced, described, and discussed.  Using sector-appropriate examples throughout the webcast, our presenters walk through one of the models in detail to assist the development of understanding critical reflection application to everyday experiences in any early childhood education and care service.  An outline of the model is provided with the webcast along with a copy of the slides for taking notes.  The examples described help to illustrate the power of critical reflection to problem solve and make meaningful changes for improvement. This webcast will provide a reflective practice model useful for educators in developing critical reflection skills therefore assisting in the sharing of knowledge and learning amongst the team, inspiring and motivating educators to continue professional learning, and supporting educators and leaders in meeting the expectations of the revised National Quality Standard.  

Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course.  

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Knowledge of how reflective practice improves the skills of educators. 
  • Unpack some reflective frameworks to develop critical reflection understanding and skills.  
  • Visualise how critical reflection is beneficial for programming and teamwork. 
  • Understand how to move beyond reflective practice to critical reflection. 
  • Learn about how to incorporate reflection, reflective practice, and critical reflection into all aspects of the curriculum. 

Links to NQS: QA1 and QA7 

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