Programming and Planning (2 Part)

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Programming and Planning (2 Part |4 hours) – Certificate issued on completion

There are many myths surrounding the observation and planning for children’s learning. This course recommended for the new educator or those seeking a clearing understanding of the planning cycle in the context of the quality standards and learning frameworks.

In our first of two workshops we shall look at how the service philosophy, frameworks principles and practices relate to each other through the cycle of planning to develop meaningful and enjoyable intentional teaching plans. Come prepared to get back to what matters and how the cycle of planning can be a very useful tool to make your job a lot easier.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the sector principles and practices that drive curriculum
  • How personal beliefs and service philosophy contribute to learning
  • What, How and When of documentation
  • Essential elements for  quality programming

Links to NQS: QA1,QA3, QA5  and QA7