February Reading Nook, Books for your service

Recognising “World Day of Social Justice” this month of February, our recommended book for your service is titled “The Great Rabbit Chase”.


Title: The Great Rabbit Chase

Written by: Freya Blackwood

Age group: Ages 5 years and above

Links to EYLF and MTOP: Outcomes 1, 3 and 4


“The Great Rabbit Chase” tells the story of a diverse group of rabbits living peacefully in a community.

When a newcomer arrives who looks different from the others, the rabbits embark on a heartwarming adventure that celebrates the importance of acceptance, friendship and embracing differences.

Freya Blackwood’s engaging illustrations and the book’s gentle narrative make it an excellent choice for sparking conversations about diversity and inclusion with young readers.

This recommended book for your service not only captures the attention of children but also serves as a valuable tool for educators and parents to introduce social justice concepts in a relatable and age-appropriate manner.