Unpacking the Early Years Learning Framework

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We all know what the outcomes of the EYLF are, and that we need to connect the assessments we make of the child’s progress against the learning outcomes, however do we really know what they mean? 

The outcomes tell us about what we need to put into our curriculum and therefore planning and programming, but are we fully understanding why we are including them and how we should best implement for those outcomes?  By investigating the Principles and Practices of the EYLF you will find the implementation of the outcomes becomes easier.  This face-to-face workshops helps to make the links between all of the components of the EYLF.

Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the elements of the EYLF
  • Understand the links between the principles, practices and outcomes of the EYLF
  • Recognise the principles and practices of the EYLF in action
  • Explain your own practice in relation to the principles and practices of the EYLF

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