Transitioning to My Time Our Place V2.0

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The national approved learning frameworks have recently been updated. Version 2 of ‘My Time Our Place: Framework for School Aged Children’ requires approved providers, services and educators to be familiarising themselves with this version. Although the original version is still acceptable for the remainder of 2023, the original versions will be revoked from 1 February 2024 (Guide to the NQF, July 2023, p104).

Many of the changes to the MTOP relate to the principles and practices with new elements also being added to the outcomes.  Version 2 contains many elaborations of the terminology used in the original version, clarifying previous assumptions about the implementation of the framework. Understanding these changes practically as well as theoretically enables authentic implementation of the framework and is supported and facilitated in this 2 hr professional development experience.  New terminology is discussed as we walk through the framework, relate to pedagogy and unpack newly included planning cycle information.  Practical examples of the framework in action will be shared to deepen understanding of components and support meaningful implementation for future practice.

  • Investigate all elements of the MTOP V2.0, special focus on the changes.
  • Understand the links between the principles, practices, outcomes and planning.
  • Recognise the elements in practice.
  • Reflect on current practices alongside new knowledge and establish action plans for making change.


Links to NQS:  QA1 – Educational Program and Practice