Supervision Essentials Consultation (face to face)

$ 200.00 Ex GST

Rethinking Supervision ($200 per hour)

Discussing why supervision is so critically important in the various education and care settings. What is supervision? Supervision is everyone’s responsibility and should reflect educators who are focused and who are consciously in the moment.

There should be clear communication and shared understanding between not only educators but children as well. It’s about educators supporting learning and assisting children to develop risk assessment skills.

Note: This course was previously known as Rethinking Supervision.

Certificate issued on completion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The critical elements of supervision in an early learning setting.
  • Defined ‘intentional supervision’
  • An understanding of regulatory and NQS requirements
  • Reflection on current supervision in your setting
  • Identified areas for improvement in relation to the QIP

Links to NQS: QA2, QA3, QA4, QA5 and QA6