Reflective Practice Consultation (face to face)

$ 200.00 Ex GST

Reflective Practice ($200 per hour)

What does the term ‘reflective practice’ really mean? What are we meant to reflect on, how do we do it and then how do we use the information we have gathered to drive change? This topic will not only give an overview of what reflective practice  means, but more importantly will provide an explanation of its relevance and importance in supporting continuous improvement in your service in relation to policies, procedures and practices.

Certificate issued on completion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explored the meaning of reflective practice and considered its importance as a means of strengthening the skills of educators.
  • Clarified the links between reflective practice and on-going learning and quality improvement.
  • Reviewed ways to incorporate reflective practice into your work, whilst acknowledging your personal philosophy.
  • Made a commitment to ongoing reflective practice and worked on the ‘where to next….’

Links to NQS: QA2, QA5 and QA6