Perspectives in Supporting Children’s Wellbeing Consultation (face to face)

$ 200.00 Ex GST

Perspectives in Supporting Children’s Well-being ($200 per hour)

Children who are supported in their mental health and well being in early childhood have a strong foundation for developing the skills, values and behaviors they need to experience positive physical and mental health as an adult.

This topic is  based on the connections resource, provides participants with the knowledge and techniques to improve long-term outcomes for children and embed these practices into work practice.

Certificate issued on completion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Different types of interactive group times and their importance
  • How to create and conduct an age appropriate intentional/planned interactive group time
  • Look at the role of the Educator(s) during the group time
  • Identify a range of resources to engage children within the interactive group times

Links to NQS: QA2, QA5 and QA6