Navigating governance and leadership in early childhood education and care

$ 550.00 Ex GST

This interactive two-hour workshop delves into Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership in in early childhood education. This face-to-face session is designed to empower educators, administrators, and leaders with essential insights and skills to enhance the governance and leadership practices within their educational settings.

Participants will emerge with a renewed sense of confidence in their knowledge of Quality Area 7, armed with practical skills to navigate the complex landscape of legislative requirements, record keeping, and information management in early childhood education.

  • Developing awareness of policies and procedures (legislative and regulatory requirements)
  • Explore key reporting information and incidents to the regulatory authority.
  • Mitigating risk through the management, confidentiality, and storage of records.
  • Understand the importance of currency and Information to be displayed.

Links to NQS: QA7: Governance and Leadership.