Mandatory Reporting and Trauma

$ 550.00 Ex GST

Mandatory Reporting & Trauma (2 hours) – Certificate issued on completion

It is important that educators understand not only what to do if they believe a child is at risk of abuse or neglect but to also feel confident in identifying children at risk. Knowing the indicators is as crucial as knowing how to make a report.

This workshop will go beyond the confines of ‘mandatory reporting’ to delve into the intricacies of how traumatic experiences in the early years can lead to long-term implications. We will discuss the complex relationship between trauma, behaviours and emotional responses. You will learn how trauma affects brain development and how to identify trauma and its influences on behaviour. More importantly we will share the recommended practices to be better trauma informed when supporting children.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explored Child Protection Legislation
  • Defined child abuse and neglect
  • Confirmed how to report child abuse and neglect
  • Identifying trauma in children
  • Trauma and its affects on brain development
  • Explored the importance of attachment and relationships
  • Trauma informed care principles

Links to NQS: QA2