Group Times with Intent

$ 550.00 Ex GST

Group times can be challenging and maintaining focus on planned learning is not always easy.  Group times or ‘mat sessions’ are often used as a transition tool or holding zone, however they are much more valuable opportunities for promoting children’s learning across all learning domains.

Not only are group times valuable occasions for focusing on oral language development to enhance future literacy and numeracy learning, they are also where children develop important social skills, share ideas and understand the daily routine.  Children of all ages learn about conversation and turn-taking, they enjoy participating in dancing and singing that is fun and contributes to their developing sense of belonging.

Learn more about how to develop and deliver meaningful and engaging group sessions that enhance children’s participation in activities with improved focus, understanding of expectations for the room and are responsive to children’s cues.


Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course. 

  • Understand the benefits of group times and use these as anchor points for the day.
  • Compare planned and spontaneous groups. What is delivery with intent?
  • Investigate barriers to group time success.
  • Explore inclusive practices through understanding developmental milestones and relationships between children and educators.
  • Share tips and inspirations for group times.

Links to EYLF – Principle:  Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships 

Practices:  Responsiveness to children  

Learning Outcomes:  4 – Children are confident and involved learners 

5 – Children are effective communicators 

NQS: QA1 – Educational program and practice  

1.2 – Practice – Educators facilitate and extend each child’s learning and development 

QA5 – Relationships with children 

5.1 Relationships between educators and children – respectful and equitable relationships are maintained with each child.