Governance in Early Childhood Not-for-Profit Services

$ 550.00 Ex GST


Throughoutthis workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding into the responsibilities and rights of incorporated associations which are similar to a business, the difference being with the way that profits and governance are handled. 

This workshop will help those new to working with groups of people on business decisions as well as those keen to refresh their knowledge of governance and crisis management. 


Certificate of Completion awarded on completion of the course. 

Learning Outcomes & NQS Links 

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Ways to recruit committee members  
  • How to run an association meeting 
  • How to prepare and conduct an Annual General Meeting 
  • Responsibilities of the association and committee
  • Where to find the guiding law and documents of incorporation 
  • Initiate a crisis management plan 
  • Initiate a communication plan for emergency management 
  • Complete a risk assessment using a predetermined format 
  • Identify at least four likely crises that requires preparedness 

Links to NQS: QA7