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The educational leader’s role plays a pivotal role in providing quality early childhood education and care in any service. Often educational leaders’ step into the role because of their strength in planning and programming and the educational leader role is the next logical step up from being a room leader. An ECT has the qualifications that mean they have the knowledge to fulfill this role to a high degree.  Although the most obvious part of the role is leading planning and programming, the task of leading a team, managing regulatory requirements, and supporting families are aspects of the role that may initially be viewed as secondary.  The challenges of the role are many, and there are aspects of the role that are not initially the focus and learning about these aspects is ‘on the spot’ and ‘learning as you go.’  This can leave an educational leader feeling uncertain and overwhelmed and without any training in these areas.  

This eight-part series of webcasts was developed with the understanding of added support being needed in the field, development of understanding about the NQF and assessments and ratings consideration. The series was developed particularly to support those educators and emerging leaders in an educational leadership role in regional areas where accessing face-to-face support is often challenging. This series will inform the development of educational leaders in their endeavor to motivate, lead and inspire educators in pedagogical practice. Whether new to the role of educational leader or trying to create a better understanding of the role’s depth, the provision of information and guided reflection through this series will help investigation of the role with new eyes.  

The series is led by two consultants who share real-life examples from their own experiences in a conversational style of learning facilitation. They share their willingness to continue learning and excitement about working with children, inspiring, and developing a positive workplace culture through their actions, and investing in their role as an educational leader.   

Directors may have promising team members who are looking to take the next step in their career, including in the roles of senior educator or room leader who they can recommend completing this series. Or they simply understand the importance of raising new leaders for the future of the sector and understand the need to support their growth.  

We have packed a lot into these eight webcasts.  Also included with the webcasts are links to videos, resources, and documents to support learning as well as eight corresponding workbooks attached to go with each webcast. These workbooks have information and reflective tasks that will become a resource to refer to and draw support from in the future as new challenges appear in your daily practice.   

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge on how to navigate sector specific resources and information. 
  • Generate a “toolkit” that will support you wherever you go within the sector. 
  • Grow confidence in having conversations and encouraging accountability in others.  
  • Avoid burning out through understanding your own and other professional boundaries. 
  • Develop deeper understandings of communication and strategies for difficult conversations.  

Links to NQS:

  • QA1
  • QA7

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